Wilson, everyone's best friend if you're willing to play ball! ​

The barn cats main duties are to look cute, which they do very well, but they also help keep the mice population to a minimum.


Originally from Manitoba, Michelle moved to Burlington, Ontario with her twin sister and parents. She started riding at the young age of 5 and even began working in the stable at 8 years old! Her first love was Denver, a Haflinger pony that she competed with in Eventing. 

A Kemptville College Equine Studies graduate, she worked for Liz Steacie's Porcupine Hill in Brockville, where she also successfully competed in the Gold Dressage series.


Frank grew up in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, training, buying, and selling horses of all kinds. He was able to utilize this equestrian passion during his career in the RCMP Musical Ride and Equitation Section, where he trained horses and developed many riders over the years. Now retired from the Ride, he continues to train horses and riders here at the farm.

In order to satisfy his endless determination to gain more knowledge of "The Horse", you will often find him attending clinics with various equine professionals of all disciplines. 


Born in North Bay, Ontario, Chris was destined to have a career with horses. As a child, she used to stand on the back of the sofa everyday, waiting to watch the Milk cart horse walk by!

​She gained considerable experience when she joined the RCMP Musical Ride and Equitation Section. 

Since retirement, she has continued to work with a variety of horses, primarily focusing on Dressage. She has worked with some wonderful coaches in the Ottawa area.

Twin Pines Equestrian Centre

2014 marked the 40th Anniversary of the 1st Female RCMP Troop

Prior to 1980, when you thought of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, you couldn’t help but envision a Mountie in Red Serge, in full control of his black Thoroughbred, part of the iconic Musical Ride.

While growing up, Christine (Mackie) Windover always rode and loved horses, but that was before women were even allowed in the RCMP. She never imagined she would have the opportunity to ride one as a member of the Force....

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